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Saham ANTM potensi teknikal rebound

ANTM potensi teknikal rebound

Saham ANTM capai target koreksi kisaran strong support 950 secara price action potensi teknikal rebound kisaran gap 1045/ resisten 1075. Saham ANTM jangka pendek akan bergerak sideways range 950-1075. Batasi resiko trading jika harga saham ANTM turun ke level 930. Kinerja ANTM full year 2018 bisa cek disini 

*Temu Analis - PT Antam Tbk (ANTM)*

In FY18, total revenue posted IDR 25.24 tr or grew by 99.48% yoy, while net income posted IDR 874.42 bn or grew by 540.60%.

In FY18, net income margin increase to 3.46% from 1.07% from the previous year.

ANTM’s sales breakdown: gold, silver, & precious metal refinery service (68%); ferronickel (18%); nickel ore (12%); and bauxite and coal (2%).

ANTM’s sales performance: nickel ore (+116% yoy); gold (+111%); ferronickel (10%); and bauxite (10%).

ANTM’s production performance: bauxite (+70% yoy); nickel ore (67%); ferronickel (14%); and gold (+1%).

ANTM’s reserves vs resources: Nickel ore (438 vs 1,334 mn wmt); bauxite ore (31 vs 579 mn wmt); and gold metal (19 vs 42 ton).

ANTM’s capex plan of IDR 3,389 bn in FY19E or up +21.07% yoy.

The construction of ANTM’s strategic project:
> East halmahera ferronickel plant development project (P3FH) remained on the track with the construction progress reach 92% at the end of FY18. After completion of P3FH, annual production capacity of ferronickel will increase by 50% to 40.5k TNi from 27k TNi.
> ANTM signed Heads of Agreement (HoA) of east halmahera blast furnace nickell pig iron (NPI) plant development project with Ocean Energy Nickel International Pte. Ltd. (OENI). The project has a total production capacity of 320k ton of NPI or equal with 30k ton nickel within in NPI.
> For Bauxite, development of smelter grade alumina refinery (SGAR) plant with PT Inalum with an estimated total production capacity of up to 1 mn ton SGA per annum. *Tommy* - *MNC Sekuritas Retail Research*

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