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Target saham INKP

Target saham INKP

Saham INKP trend bullish candle > MA20/60 . Potensi membuat higher high dengan target fibonacci 161.8% area 22.800. Level breakout 20550. Batasi resiko trading jika turun di bawah MA20 / 18500.

INKP follow the trend till its end


The last 3 announcements LQ45 changes happened on 24/25 Jan/July
So next week might be last chance to enter INKP if you believe this stock will join LQ45
Regarding TKIM inclusion to LQ45, its still 50:50 because after checking the transaction value, TKIM monthly transaction value above IDR 1 trillion since early 2018 but since LQ45 screening process took 12 months average, it would be a close call to speculate whether TKIM can make it this month, BUT
We will have MSCI quarterly index review around 2nd week of August 2018, and FTSE semi annual review announcement on 24 August 2018. Usually MSCI quarterly review on August had no deletion or addition for Indonesian stocks, but FTSE semi annual review on 24 August usually involve changes in Indonesia stocks, so I think there is a high possibility for TKIM to listed in FTSE semi annual review announcement next month. Would like to see TKIM entering LQ45 too later this month, but at the moment, its not a high conviction call.

FROM IDX website
The LQ45 Index comprises of 45 most liquid Common Stock (hence the name LQ is referring to Liquid)
listed on the IDX that have been chosen and scrutinized through the following criteria: 1. The selection process started by selecting Top 60 common stocks with highest average transactions value in Regular Market for the last 12 months. 2. Out of the 60 stocks; further 45 stocks is selected weighted by Transaction Value, Market Capitalization, Trading Day Number, and Transaction Frequency in Regular Market over the last 12-month period. 3. The stocks must be included in the calculation of the Composite Index (JCI). 4. The stocks should have been listed in the IDX for at least 3 months. 5. The stocks should have a good financial condition, prospect of growth, high trading frequency and transactions in Regular Market.

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