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Capital Outflow Dari Emerging Market

Capital Outflow Dari Emerging Market

BofA : EM equity outflows past 2 weeks ($1.2bn). EM Debt outflows past 7 weeks ($1.1bn). Data dari Bank of America (BofA) capital outflow dari pasar saham dan surat utang emerging market.

Capital Outflow Dari Emerging Market

Asing sebulan terakhir keluar dari IHSG sebesar 5.44 triliun.

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Ringkasan report dari Bank of America (BofA)

In summary:

1. Asset Performance: 
  - Crypto and commodities have performed well, with gains of 33.3% and 8.4% YTD, respectively.
  - Stocks have seen a 14.2% gain, while gold and government bonds have lagged.
  - US dollar has gained 1.8%, while government bonds have seen a -2.2% YTD return.
2. US Exceptionalism: Americans tend to spend money when worried about the future, contrasting this behavior with Europeans and Asians who save money.

3. US Nominal GDP: Expected to jump by 6% in 2023, contributing $1.6 trillion to the $27 trillion economy.

4. Market Sentiment:
  - Money market funds (MMFs) have seen significant inflows, indicating a lack of conviction in the market.
  - Investors are showing confidence in a soft landing consensus, with significant inflows into bonds and stocks.
  - Large-cap stocks and technology sectors have attracted substantial investments.

5. BofA Private Clients: Asset allocation for private clients includes 60% stocks, 21.3% bonds, and 11.9% cash. There are inflows into Japan, growth and value stocks, and bank loan and municipal ETFs, while TIPS, financials, low-volatility assets, and gold ETFs are being sold.

6. BofA Bull & Bear Indicator: The indicator has dropped to 3.6, driven by outflows from EM stocks and bonds and deteriorating global equity market breadth.

7. Three-Year Comparison (2020 to 2023):
  - US nominal GDP has surged by 40% due to significant monetary and fiscal stimulus.
  - Inflation has risen from 1% to 9%, and global yields have increased.
  - Winners include crypto, commodities, and the Nasdaq, while banks, bonds, and China stocks have underperformed.

8. Long-Term Trends:
  - Trends such as COVID-19, geopolitical conflicts, and climate goals have accelerated shifts in the global economy.
  - These shifts are expected to result in an era of higher inflation, interest rates, and boom-bust market cycles.

9. Fiscal and Labor Trends:
  - Despite a 40% surge in nominal GDP, the US deficit remains at 7-8% of GDP, leading to increased Treasury supply.
  - Labor unions are demanding wage increases, which could lead to higher labor costs.
  - Geopolitical factors, such as oil production cuts and low US inventories, are affecting oil prices.

10. Softer Policy for Longer:
  - Central banks may adopt Yield Curve Control policies to manage debt.
  - Higher inflation targets could be considered, potentially impacting monetary policy.

11. Higher = Harder:
  - Rising indicators such as a steeper yield curve, higher default rates, and increased delinquencies suggest challenges ahead.
  - Investors may rally initially but face risks if the economic situation deteriorates.

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